Anonymous said: It's been awhile since ice girl from EAH came up into conversation. I think you're really good with coming up with names like you did with someone who needed help with their Thumbelina OC. What name do you think fits ice girl?

I thank you for the compliment, but “really good with coming up with names” is not necessarily me. Sometimes, it goes smoothly, and at other times my two OCs have been stuck with Freezetodeath and Heres50dollargobuyyourselfsomeforesightyousinglemindedphilanthropicasshat as last names since forever.

Not to mention it really depends who ice girl is. I know we all reacted with “Snow Queen!”, but looking at her a bit more she’s too gentle-looking for the Snow Queen to be a likely guess. The Queen of the Snowflakes is another suggestion I’ve seen, which is a fine guess, as is that she’s some version of The Snow Maiden/Little Snow Girl/Snowflake. Call me uncreative, but I’d be inclined to go with Snowdrop in general and alternatively Crystal (or whatever spelling variant) for the latter. You know, since the Snow Maiden is associated with Christmas. And I’ve suggested Snow White from Snow White and Rose Red (read: I will keep on hoping against all reasonable odds for this fairytale to be included) which I’ve aside thought could well be named Winter and Summer, but if not a set either name is rather boring.